Humanity Making Itself the Creator

Naturalistic views run rampant in Western society, pushing the Creator further and further away. We look to ourselves for salvation. This can be delving into our minds with philosophies and New Age pagan religions, or it can mean looking to other people to give our lives meaning.

The secular science industry supports politicians who promote leftist views, celebrities think those are just really swell so they give their support to them. People who use emotions instead of their intellects follow along like sheep.

Image by Cowboy Bob Sorensen, modified with FotoSketcher
Many people have bumper-sticker mentalities. That is, they are motivated by short sayings on memes and bumper stickers, but are unwilling or unable to apply critical thinking skills to issues. "White people are oppressors of darker-skinned people," "A man trapped in a woman's body," "Stop global climate change or we'll all die" and others sound good to some folks.

What's really happening is that people are rebelling against God's created order. Indeed, we are attempting to supplant him because we have the power and authority to change what he has established. Because reasons and stuff. Isn't this what atheism in action looks like?
What is the connection between climate alarmism, abortion, and transgenderism? Or between feminism, critical race theory, and postmodernism? In fact, what is the connection between the whole host of anti-biblical social issues and philosophies we’re concerned about in modern America? When we consider all the ideologies and trends rising around us, it can be bewildering to work out what real problem lies behind it all.

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