Surprisingly Christian Material on Intelligent Design Site

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen 

When perusing Evolution News, the primary website of the Discovery Institute, there seems to be a great deal of self promotion. There is also quite a bit of science and philosophy. There are scientists involved, and it is reasonable to think that they publish in secular scientific journals just like creationists.

My problems with the ID movement are that while they show unguided evolutionary processes are not possible, it has a big tent. That is, there are agnostics, biblical creationists, what appear to be theistic evolutionists, and others involved. Sometimes Christians there seemed to be reluctant to mention the Creator. Also, I am a biblical creationist and presuppositionalist.

Neon question mark, Unsplash / Emily Morter
Everyone has presuppositions, things we assume to be true, that comprise our worldviews. Biblical presuppositionalists presuppose that the Bible is true  and the final standard of truth.

"Ya think, Cowboy Bob?"

Yes, I had to be Captain Obvious to make the point.

Atheists presuppose naturalism, evolution, and that God does not exist. The ID movement presents information so people can decide if the Creator is real, but all that will do is make Deists out of folks — who are just as eternally lost as any atheist. ID is too limited. Biblical creationists are up front about their belief that the Creator is the God of the Bible.

I must reiterate that creationists use intelligent design arguments and have done so for many years. The Intelligent Design camp is in no wise creationist or "religious," and they'll slap leather with tinhorns who make those accusations. That is good because outfits like Biologos make pretenses about being Christian but are more interested in Darwin than Deity.

ID is honest about who they are. So I will continue to check out their material, reject the stuff that doesn't pass the sniff test, feature the good things or post them on social(ist) media, and add my own comments as needed. Ironically, I've occasionally felt the need to comment on intelligent design arguments by creationist authors that leave the Creator out of their articles.

Lately, I have been seeing some material that actually mentions the Bible and has some Christian content that is surprising (for example, "In the Scientific Enterprise, the Wildness of Aslan Counsels Humility"). Remember, there are Christians involved in ID. What I've seen does not lend credence to the lie that ID is just creationism under a different name.

There is a possibility that West Virginia could allow Intelligent Design to be taught in schools. If it happens, it will be in keeping with two principles of Question Evolution Day: Intellectual and academic freedoms.

Atheopaths will probably start screaming about the Kitzmiller v. Dover ruling of 2005 that allegedly struck down any chance of teaching ID in schools. It was actually judicial malpractice and reprehensible. Interesting that a judge can supposedly make a wise decision in favor of evolution, but if anyone has the audacity, the unmitigated gall to dare question evolution, feral Darwinists demand credentials. That is, who are you to think for yourself and ask questions, you non-scientist, you? Two standards, no waiting.

What got this child started on writing this here article is a blog post by Ken Ham. Like other creation organizations, it has remarks about what they are doing at Answers in Genesis (I think of those sections as commercials). There is some useful material, so I suggest reading "West Virginia May Allow the Teaching of Intelligent Design in Classrooms."