Evolutionary Thinking Wrecks Modern Medicine

There have been numerous ways that evolutionary thinking has harmed medical science, but disciples of the Bearded Buddha claim that it is essential. Not hardly! Such thinking gave us harmful thinking about vestigial organs such as the appendix and thymus, and "junk" DNA hindered needed research.

If you study on it a spell, the idea of actively integrating a historical belief system that is based on presumptions rather than evidence is risible (see "The Farce of Evolutionary Medicine"). Also, secularists refuse to learn from their colossal errors.

Modified from a medical science photograph on Pixnio
The materialistic mindset has affected modern medicine. Like in the secular science industry, there are individuals who want to do a good job but are caught up on the money-making machinations of organizations. Talk in company break rooms often turns to lousy treatment by doctors, staff, and especially agencies.

When I had my heart surgery, I felt like a piece of meat. (Before that, however, my orthopedist practically gave me a follow-up visit — at my workplace! He cares.) Medical professionals with an evolutionary worldview use it to negatively impact their patients who suffer because of it. Things would be far different if they realized that we are created in the image of God, worthy of dignity, respect, and their best efforts.
My recent contacts with medical care providers of several specialties have been so frequently frustrating and unsatisfying that the only option for my wife and me was to seek out “old time” physicians who are either friends or former colleagues. We have found good and timeless characteristics in our primary care physicians, and we are quite happy with them.

. . .

Having practiced medicine myself for 45 years, our recent personal roadblocks to specialty care were particularly frustrating to me, and I began to ponder what might be the problem. Before I tackle the issue of a major fundamental cause of decline in medical care and access, let me give a couple of examples from my family.

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