The Parallel Roads of Glen Roy

After traveling on the racing circuit, Miles Prower decided to return to these parts for a spell. He told me of a solo excursion to the difficult-to-reach Glen Roy in the Scottish Highlands to see the Parallel Roads. Legends have it that they were made by kings, Finegal the Giant, or faeries.

Miles was very interested in what are called the Parallel Roads of Glen Roy, and the story secular geologists tell about their formation is slightly more plausible than giants making them. Shorelines of glacial lakes are the usual explanation.

In the Scottish Highlands, Glen Roy has what appear to be parallel roads. Secular stories neglect details. Creation science models best fit the data,
Parallel Roads of Glen Roy, Flickr / IrenicRhonda (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
As seen with the Chicxulub big rock dinosaur extinction story, uniformitarian scientists tend to ignore certain important details that foul up their narratives. In this case, the movement of glaciers doesn't work with the story. Also like Chicxulub (and other geologic features), creation science models for the Ice Age caused by the Genesis Flood fit the observed evidence quite handily.
In the Highlands of Scotland there is a valley in the Lochaber area called Glen Roy—Scottish Gaelic: Gleann Ruaidh—with some intriguing natural features (figure 1). Several horizontal ‘roads’ have seemingly been cut into the metamorphic rock of the hillsides surrounding the valley at different levels. Properly understood, these features are well explained by considering the single Ice Age that followed the global Flood, within the biblical framework of Earth history.

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