Hugo de Vries and the Evolution of Darwinism

As seen before, big ideas and movements rarely spring up suddenly. Charles Darwin did not create evolution, it is an ancient pagan philosophy going back to the Greeks, Hindus; the first evolutionist is the god of this world (2 Cor. 4:4). Indeed, Darwin was also influenced by Lamarck, his grandfather Erasmus, and others. 

Charlie even hijacked and retooled Edward Blyth's work on natural selection for his own purposes, making it a creative force. (His acolytes over the years have even made it into a being with the power to make choices.) Apparently he backed off a bit by the time Origin of Species reached its final edition.

Sun obscured by tree, Mt. Tremper (NY) trail, 14 Sept 2022 by Cowboy Bob Sorensen
Darwinism was embraced by academia — finally a way to get that pesky Creator out of their lives! There was a time that Darwinism was at risk of falling out of favor because of its substantial problems. People aware of Gregor Mendel's work in genetics (peas be upon him) thought it would be mighty swell if mutations married up with natural selection and produced evolution: neo-Darwinism. An early geneticist is almost forgotten to history, but he influenced the scientific community with input that kept evolutionism on the radar.
Evolution in textbooks and journals today is not the same type of evolution taught by Charles Darwin. In other words, if you read Darwin’s books, you can easily see that what he was preaching is not what is being utilized in current evolutionary publications. This is due to a major key factor that has changed the entire course of evolutionary thought.

Though Darwin keeps getting the credit, the man behind the modern view of evolution seems to be little more than a “footnote.” And his name is Hugo de Vries. But to understand the significance of his work, you need to understand what led up to his proposal and why it became arguably the most significant change in evolutionary thought since the days of Darwin.

I hope you will read the rest over at "The Hidden Figure Behind Neo-Darwinism—Hugo de Vries." Note: The subtitle about Marxism is wrongly placed.