Cyanide on Enceladus Causes Evolutionary Imaginings of Life

There are several kinds of cyanides used in various industrial applications, and it is present in many of the foods we eat. Low levels, of course. People have heard of cyanide in spy movies and such. In the correct form and concentration, cyanides are deadly. Believers in abiogenesis love it.

Life from non-life has been disproved for a very long time, but Darwin's disciples desperately cling to the hope that it happened out yonder in space. Cyanide was invoked as something on the early earth to make abiogenesis possible. It exists on Enceladus.

Since abiogenesis, life from non-life, has been proved impossible, secularists invoke cyanide as a means to abiogenesis. It exists on Enceladus.
South polar region of Enceladus, NASA / JPL / Space Science Institute (usage does not imply endorsement of site contents)
The discovery of this poison on a moon of Saturn has evolutionists all a-twitter, but there is no valid scientific reason for the excitement. Cyanide is only useful according to evolutionary storytelling, not actual science. Some of the mania expressed by some scientists and the propaganda outlets is amazing.

It's like they make up things to believe in order to deny the obvious recent work of the Creator. To read with amazement, see "Enceladus Has Cyanide; Evolutionists Imagine Life." Secularists are wanting Enceladus to be friendly regarding abiogenesis, but it is hostile to their deep-time views. See "Enceladus Further Troubles Cosmic Evolution and Deep Time" for more about that.