Newborn Children Testify of the Creator

Even people who are not religious have been known to say that the arrival of a new baby into the world is a miracle. It could be rightly said that the birth event is a culmination of a whole suite of awesome circumstances.

Conception itself is amazing, usually only one sperm cell reaches the egg. Many aspects of the development of the child in the womb have been documented, but we still cannot understand the ways of the Creator (Ecclesiastes 11:5). 

Portrait of an Infant, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, 1881
Parents are responsible to bring them up "discipline and instruction of the Lord" (Ephesians 6:4). Many new parents look upon the new arrival and wonder what this new person will achieve in life. Of course, they may not seem "destined for greatness" and their greatest achievements may appear later in life. From conception through birth, a child testifies of the creator. 
The phenomenal layers of design manifested in the biochemistry of the cell and the physiological and anatomical features of living beings are well documented. Many have seen design, too, in the operation of history, advancing each time a biological wonder takes place: the birth of a child. While the multiple millions of different species of life on Earth all continue to exist by producing offspring generation after generation, we are of course most personally connected with our own children. Each will contribute his or her part to the grand human story.

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