DNA Sequence Is More Bad News for Evolutionists

Once again, the combination of the desire to learn plus advances in technology conspire to thwart the wishes of evolutionists. It happens in a big way with the Webb space telescope. Some secular geologists are echoing some of creation science because of additional studies. Now this...

While a great deal of DNA sequencing has been accomplished, and there is still more work to be done. Y chromosome analysis of humans and great apes did not go well for evolutionists. Genetics never has been helpful to evolution.

DNA puzzle, Pixabay / qimono (modified)
The old "ninety-eight percent similarity" between human and chimpanzee genome has long been refuted (but Darwin's Flying Monkeys™ repeat it anyway), and this new research is another major setback for evolution. Comparing chimpanzee and human Y chromosomes shows they are only twenty-six percent similar. Factor in a 2010 study and secularists should cowboy up and admit that there is no evidence for evolution, but a great deal for recent creation.
DNA sequencing technologies have been progressing rapidly over the past several decades and now finally afford the opportunity to analyze mammalian chromosomes from end to end. In the past, many regions of human and ape genomes have been very difficult to fully decipher because older DNA sequencing technologies were limited to obtaining very short snippets of DNA—impairing their utility to fully decode long, complex, and repetitive DNA regions. However. . . 

To read it all, click on "New DNA Sequences of the Y Chromosome Refute Human-Ape Evolution." Yippie ky yay, evolutionists!