An Evangelist for the Gospel of Darwin

Although they keep it under wraps, the hands at the Darwin Ranch have worship services. Sebastian the latrine digger was talking about new prayer candles on order and select writings from Charles Darwin would be printed up in smaller volumes as gospels.

Study on it a spell. Everyone has a worldview. Evolution is religious in nature, with not only the origins mythology, but also salvation and the coming glorious future. They presuppose atheistic naturalism in a way similar to Christians presupposing the truth of the Bible.

An evolutionist is stealing from the Christian worldview when preaching evolution and natural selection to be used for good things. This is incoherent and irrational.
Evangelism photo Library of Congress, 1939, colorized at Palette, monkey photobomb added 
As stated in previous posts and articles, people have their worldviews that use presuppositions. We all interpret things through those lenses. Professing atheists often lean toward Postmodernism, saying there is no absolute truth or moral standard.

When atheists assert things are right or wrong, or want to use evolutionary thinking for good in the world, they are inadvertently appealing to, and acknowledging, God! (See "Man Reasons Based on His Ethics" and "No Truth, No Science" for more.) Here's what happened: A tinhorn named David Sloan Wilson wants to do these things, but ends showing how atheism and evolutionism are inconsistent.

After all, evolution is supposed to be a mindless process, not teleology. If it is controlled, it is not evolution. Then it becomes something...truly insidious. Natural selection is cruel and violent, and somehow he thinks it will do good things? Not hardly! Worshiping evolution is truly degenerate, even more so when they are stealing from the biblical worldview.

Untrained, weak-minded, and also people seeking to have their biases confirmed accept the nonsense Wilson is spreading. This happens far too often, and evolutionists appreciate the disinformation.
David Sloan Wilson hasn’t kicked his Darwine addiction yet. He is still wobbling around the lamp post singing bar songs to King Charley, not enjoying a sober moment for at least 16 years since we saw him visualizing angel spirits emerging from The Origin of Species. . . .

In his drunken stupor, Sloan Wilson embodies the symptoms of the Yoda Complex. It would be funny except . . . is influencing other Darwine-oholics, some with political power and influence. Power can smother logic. Recall that the Soviet leaders loved their vodka but were able to send their opponents to Siberia. What would David Sloan Yoda Wilson do with global political power?

Read the whole thing at "Darwin Evangelist Preaches World Peace by Natural Selection." You'll thank me later.