Replacing Religion with Evolutionary Psychology

There is no need for religion since we are moderun people, so it has no valid explanatory power. At least, that is the view of atheistic naturalists They suppress the truth of God (Rom. 1:18-23) and disparage a wrong definition of Christian faith. But they have their own faith.

They turn science into the secular religion of Scientism, and descent with modifications evolution is a primary dogma. Secularists use religious trappings and even corrupt ideals they stole from Christianity. This is easily seen in evolutionary psychology.

Replacing Religion with Evolutionary Psychology. Do you want Darwin as your psychiatrist?
Creepy AI-generated Charles Darwin as a psychiatrist, made at Simplified
Evolutionary game theory answers questions and solves problems, they think, so cooperation evolved. How do they know? Is that a good thing? Evolutionists also try to evaluate happiness, which is...truly bizarre since happiness is subjective. Joy in serving the Lord would probably short-circuit their minds. Another weird thing is to use weak thinking to say that the alleged self-domestication of elephants can be applied to humans.

There are several more items in the article, but one needs special attention because the author missed an important point: mindfulness. He mentioned the usual meaning of mindfulness, such as paying attention to one's surroundings and other people. However, this kind of mindfulness is actually a dangerous occult practice that undiscerning Christians use as well as unbelievers use. These people who shun religion are actually promoting mindfulness, a religious concept. So much for the "separation of church and state," huh, Hoss?

Evolutionary psychologists try to replace religion with their on bastardized version. They also use insufficient research. It doesn't matter because the end justifies the means, but they will never fully supplant Jesus Christ the Creator from his rightful place. They need to humble themselves and repent. They have so much to gain.

The “science vs religion” notion, the so-called “warfare myth” promulgated a century ago, is largely defunct except among certain New Atheists and their followers. Historians know warfare was never the case, because many of the greatest founders of modern science were Christians.

What evolutionists are likely to do now is not attack religion directly. Instead, they present psychological and theoretical approaches to attain personal peace, solve depression, and improve “prosociality” (positive behaviors for social good). Why go to church if “science” can give one all the benefits without the dogma? Evolutionists never use dogma, now, do they? They use logic, reason and the scientific method, don’t they? Let’s take a look at some of their explanations for mind and consciousness, and see if they can deliver the goods without miracles and the supernatural stuff that “enlightened” secular minds don’t want.

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