Giant Ants Found in Canada

Think of Them!, the 1954 movie where atomic blasts caused ants to mutate into giants that ate people. Excellent science documentary. Well, except for the fact that mutations do not work that way at all, and it is impossible for ants to get that big.

Relatively speaking, ancient ants and other creatures were giants in comparison to those living today. There were ants called Titanomyrma by paleontologists, comparable in size to a small wren. Secular scientists saw their fossils in various places, but their arrival in Canada did not fit their paradigm.

Fossils of giant ants were found in Canada, but secular scientists have no idea how they arrived. Several things can be explained by creation science.
Titanomyrma gigantea, Wikimedia Commons / Ghedoghedo (CC BY-SA 3.0)
A Titanomyrma fossil was found in Canada caused no small difficulty to secular scientists, such as how they crossed continents during cold times. Some weird speculations were proposed, but no go. If scientists would tear down the Darwin Wall and consider creation science Genesis Flood models, they would not need to evosplain things with nonsense.
Evolutionary scientists are baffled by a large ant fossil found in British Columbia, Canada. Known as Titanomyrma, this same ant had been found previously in Europe and in Wyoming in rocks claimed to be 50 million years old. Because they hold to a uniformitarian worldview, the scientists are locked into believing these ants had to migrate across the cold Arctic from one continent to the other. But how?

According to the evolutionary tale:

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