Draconian Darwinism Spreads Anti-Science

Regular readers have caught on that science thrives when challenged, and when views are protected, it stagnates. Atheism is where science goes to die in darkness. Despite the claim to follow where the evidence leads, scientists tend to protect their beliefs. Just ask Ignaz Semmelweis.

Creation science is rejected by the secular science industry because of their precommitment to naturalism, so evidence against evolution and in favor of special creation is suppressed. Draconian measures keep bad information in the public minds.

The secular science industry protects evolution, which is anti-science. Many Darwinists think they are helping science by demonizing creationists.
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Because the secular science industry has attitudes that are actually anti-science, they promote evolution — which is harmful to medical science. Vestigial organs/structures have been redefined because those alleged leftovers from our evolutionary past have been found to be useful. There are numerous examples where evolutionary thinking harmful to medicine.

Many of Darwin's acolytes are passionate about their faith and cannot be bothered to use actual science and reason. In lieu of those things, they somehow seem to think that by demonizing Christians, the Intelligent Design folks, and especially biblical creationists, they are supporting "science." But most have no idea what they're talking about. Demonizing creationists does not make evolution any less false.

Again, if evolution were a fact, why is there a need for abusing the opposition instead of engaging in scientific debate? Further, why is there a need for bad science, terrible logic, torturing the evidence, lying, and fraud? Ask these hard questions and keep the pressure on them.
Although atoms-to-Adam naturalistic evolution is now accepted as “fact”, both by many scientists and non-scientists, very few scientists have carefully considered both sides. . . . very few students study the topic extensively on their own. Even if they wanted to, this goal would be difficult because very few libraries contain much material critical of Darwinism. It is also a rare secular journal that will publish articles openly critical of Darwinism. Consequently, most Darwinism believers have very little knowledge about the overwhelming case against their worldview.

Another problem is that few scientists have an in-depth knowledge of Darwinism itself.  This includes many, if not most, scientists – including biologists. Most undergraduate degree programs in biology require, at most, only one class dedicated solely to evolution.

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