Traces of Noah in Ancient Egypt?

Back on 1 April, Ken Ham posted that Answers in Genesis would be changing its name to Answers in Exodus. In some ways, Creation Ministries International could be Answers in Ancient Egypt. This child picked up some of their posts such as Adam referenced in Egypt, Noah's son Ham deified in Egypt, their chemists and perfumers, but I skipped the one about the Shoshenq redemption — I mean, the Shoshenq synchrony. Didn't understand it. Folks who read that material should see how some things work together showing how Noah was also known to the ancient Egyptians.

Nun, god of the waters of chaos, lifts the barque of the sun god Ra (public domain)
Today, we have a two-part article discussing the author's working hypothesis about references to Noah in Egypt, and he makes a strong case. The articles are heavily researched and not exactly light reading, and Gavin Cox tells us that he will be writing on related topics in the future. (He has also written many other articles for CMI on various topics.) The study used the chronogenealogies in Genesis, linguistics and history of Egypt, and more. Again, we are given evidence that that Bible does indeed contain accurate history — although ancient cultures corrupted the true details.