Our Moon Formed Very Quickly

Although Riekert Darkens was away from the Darwin Ranch doing his part-time carnival work, he managed to send them a telegram about new speculations in cosmic evolution. The ranch hands received it with the same joy that the early church received epistles from the apostles. Russell Watchtower read it to the group.

Secular cosmologists have a variety of ideas for the formation of the moon, but all of them have insurmountable problems. Believers in stardust-to-stenographer evolution have to believe something because the truth of special creation is unthinkable.

Moon over Arizona, Unsplash / Ganapathy Kumar

Our moon is unlike any other that we know about, even making it possible for life to be sustained through tidal actions. It is the right distance for a total eclipse, and there are other factors that make its creation the logical conclusion of observed facts. Secularists are going to balk at the new idea from their own people, but they are thinking that it formed very quickly. Getting closer to the truth!

Despite the moon’s apparently simple shape, uniformitarian scientists have long had great difficulty explaining how it could form by natural processes apart from a supernatural Creator. One Harvard astrophysicist once quipped that the best explanation for the moon’s existence was observational error—the moon doesn’t really exist!

Yet, the moon does exist, and its existence demands an explanation. According to Scripture, God made the moon quickly, perhaps in just seconds or minutes, but certainly in no more than 24 hours (Genesis 1:16-19). Interestingly, in newly published research, conventional scientists are also claiming that the moon formed quickly.

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