Irrelevant Elephant Domestication Research

People complain about the waste of money spent on the space program or things that are truly insipid done in the name of scientific research, but where is the outcry over constant efforts to prove evolution through vacuous reasoning? Somehow the alleged self-domestication of elephants (we touched on this recently) is being taken seriously. Part of the problem is the thinking that we are all related, having evolved from a common ancestor. Elephants are wild animals, old son, and thinking we share some personality traits does not make them our relatives.

Elephant reading a book, made with Bing Image Generator* and enhanced
This self-domestication of elephants thing is based on natural selection, but where is the evidence? Assertions, presuppositions, and storytelling, sure, but that's it. Then they apply the concept to human behavior and hope it will pan out in the future. But these evolutionists don't understand their hypothesis (and calling it a hypothesis is overreaching). Like it or not, animals and humans were created separately.

As with other things related to Papa Darwin, the domestication thing is based on faith that evidence and understanding will come along some day. We should laugh, but people actually take this stuff seriously — and our taxes fund it. Make them demonstrate actual science before they get grant money, then we might get real science.
Everyone likes elephants. They’re cool. They can do amazing things with their flexible trunks—features that engineers would like to imitate. One Indian elephant even taught herself to peel a banana by watching her trainer (video). Humans have domesticated elephants, and when they are treated humanely, they seem to like us. Their family units hold together; they seem to grieve at loss, and express affection. But when Darwinists come in and say they are models of “understanding human evolution” because of “self-domestication,” are they replaying the fable of The Blind Men and the Elephant?

Read about the silly science at "The Human in the Elephant Room."

* Artificial intelligence can generate interesting images through text prompts. I needed something quickly and had an idea, and this one was pretty good. The other one of Darwin as a psychiatrist was creepy but I think it enhanced the post. By itself, well, glad I didn't pay for it.