Transsexuality and Transhumanism

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

There are deviant people loudly demanding what they think are their rights, but there are more subtle thing that happen with movements. They often start small and over time. Deviants have been with the rest of civilization for a long time. However, their acceptance, normalization, preferential treatment and more seem to have sprung up overnight. Many people are bewildered about all this. There is more going on than it may seem upon first examination. Writing for the Discovery Institute, agnostic Wesley J. Smith postulates that this ties into the transhumanist movement.

Transhumanism goes beyond medical applications of technology where humans play God. One author says transsexuality is a part of transhumanism.
Bionic eye, Pixabay / intographics
Let's study on transhumanism. Using medical technology to repair bodily injuries or defects is commonplace. Transhumanism goes beyond healing and intends to upgrade humanity. Some proponents think they are helping human evolution, which is definitely not the correct use of that word.

Wesley Smith suggests that transsexuality is using transhumanism (the content may be too graphic for sensitive readers at "We’re Seeing the First Wave of Applied Transhumanism"). His idea fits because gender-confused people are using technology to change their appearances. However, sexual "reassignment" cannot change the DNA in each individual cell; you cannot change your sex. They are science deniers.

Something that seems to be an offshoot of transsexuality is transabled. People claim they are born in the wrong bodies and seek to change it. Like some transsexuals, they make assertions and modify lifestyles. For some, it may be a phase or getting trendy, such as a white woman pretending to be black ("transracial"). Others want to be blind or crippled, and some damage their bodies. I was distressed to read "Transgender Is So Yesterday - Welcome To The Transabled" but I had to. I suggest you brace yourselves and do likewise. There is clearly an increase in mental illnesses in recent years where good is considered bad, and evil is good (Isaiah 5:20). Instead of helping those people, they are empowered and enabled! Meanwhile, Satan is clapping his hands and giggling like a transsexual schoolgirl himself.

Evolution is strong in both transsexual and transhumanist movements, and both deny God's created order. He made one man and one woman, and that is his plan for marriage and procreation (see "A Biblical View of Transhumanism" for more, especially a link to an important article). Christians, especially biblical creationists, uphold the truth. Deranged (demonically influenced?) transsexuals getting involved with the transhumanist movement is an alarming thought, especially since transhumanists have some grandiose ideas. Perhaps this is a new form of the Tower of Babel, reaching into the heavens.

A startling post may be of interest as well, "Evolution, Paganism, and Gender Confusion."