Anemones are Unfriendly to Evolution

Sea anemones are not helpful to evolution. These friends of clownfish did not fossilize easily, like their jellyfish cousins. Apparently anemone fossils are rarer than those of jellyfish. Like with so many other creatures, there is no sign of evolution in the fossil record.

The old story of something dying and sinking, then getting covered up and eventually become permineralized into the fossils we all know and love is false, but secular dogma. That is why secular scientists are started by fossils of soft creatures, organs, and the like.

Evolutionists are surprised and also dismayed by sea anemones. They defy evolution in several areas, these delicate creatures do not fossilize well.
Sea Anemone, Flickr / Bernard Spragg (public domain)
For something to fossilize, it requires rapid burial. This provides the materials as well as the conditions lacking in the typical secular story. The overwhelming majority of the billions of fossils that were buried all around the globe are marine organisms. This easily indicates the Genesis Flood. Interestingly, secularists are also discussing rapid burial. Unsurprisingly, they do not mention the global Flood.
The strange and beautiful sea anemone is part of God’s incredible undersea fauna. These gelatinous wonders are members of the Cnidaria, which include an array of stinging cousins such as hydroids, corals, and jellyfish. Like the jellyfish, sea anemones appear suddenly and completely in the sedimentary rocks. In fact, fossilized circular footpads (basal disc) characteristic of anemones have been discovered, and “some [anemones] are so intricately preserved they can see the muscles that the anemones used to bend and contract their bodies.” Anemones, “therefore [have] not evolved significantly in ‘565 million years,’ a wildly unlikely assertion in the context of macroevolution.”

You can read it all over at "Sea Anemone Fossils." Also of interest is how their genetic structure is also at odds with Papa Darwin, "Tube Anemones Enemies of Evolution."