Sanitizing Darwin's Racist History Again

Sometimes when creationists bring up Charles Darwin's racism, it puts burrs under the saddles of his followers. They claim it is an ad homiem and a distraction, but the fact remains despite their protestations. It has also been extensively documented. His racism is extremely relevant, as it is entrenched in his evolutionary conjectures. We saw how a couple of his biographers falsely tried to say that his theory had a noble motive, the abolition of slavery. Professor Joseph L. Graves, Jr. is up to something similar.

Celebration of Abolition of 1866 via NYPL, colorized at Palette, then modified at PhotoFunia
The professor is celebrated as the first black man to get a doctorate in evolutionary biology, and my response is, "Big deal." Evolutionary biology is self-serving and has little value to real science. Also, how many black people are attracted to studying something this area? (Asking for a friend.) Seems strange to prop up a field where your "race" is inferior, yet I have been vehemently attacked by black evolutionists.

A burr under my own saddle is when we are told of the first black, woman, homosexual, or whatever else to do whatever. How about celebrating human achievement instead of finding ways to further divide people? But then, Joseph Graves is a leftist, and fomenting division and strife is a characteristic of the left; it's who they are and what they do. We have seen how leftists applaud things that are opposed to God and the created order. It is not difficult to find that Darwinism has a part in most if not all.

Graves wrote about about political progressivism, but he tried to sanitize Darwin. How about facing the facts and going from there? I don't dig Graves.
Why do they do it? Why do scholars committed to evolution seek to edit and massage Darwin into something he wasn’t, in particular on the issue of race? . . . 
Now along comes Professor Joseph L. Graves Jr., “the first African American to receive a PhD in evolutionary biology,” according to his publisher, who was “once styled as the ‘Black Darwin.’” (He once was styled that but no longer is? Why not?) His new book is A Voice in the Wilderness: A Pioneering Biologist Explains How Evolution Can Help Us Solve Our Biggest Problems. In Dr. Graves’s treatment, which “rewrite[s] his field,” evolution solves our biggest problems with a politically progressive program that “decimates homophobia, sexism, and classism,” elucidated in “a powerful work of scientific anti-racism.”

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