Evolutionists Blunder on Bumblebee Intelligence

Riding back one day after visiting my prospector friend Stormie Waters, I felt a thump near my left shoulder but paid it no nevermind. A few seconds later and owwww! Near as I can figure, a bumblebee smacked into me, fell down a ways, crawled up and stung me.

These fuzzy creatures are sometimes thought of as stupid and aggressive, but neither is true. The incident was just one of those things. They have good eyesight to distinguish flowers, and they are better pollinators than honey bees.

Scientists are consistently amazed at abilities creatures display, but they credit evolution, not the Creator. Bumblebees have an ability to learn.
Bumblebee, Hippopx (CC0 1.0)
Many creatures have been discovered to have higher levels of intelligence than expected. They also have abilities that are truly amazing (such as birds having a built-in GPS). Bumblers were presented with a puzzle box that would give them a tasty reward when opened. Some could figure it out themselves, but did better when they watched other bumblebees — and learned. Of course, Darwinists had to talk about the origin of such behaviors in social insects instead of staying with actual science. Naturally, biblical creationists have a very different view.
Entomologists, biologists who study insects, continue to uncover amazing discoveries regarding the intellect of bees.

Now, biologists at Queen Mary University of London have “strong evidence that social learning drives the spread of bumblebee behaviour—in this case, precisely how they forage for food.”

The scientists set up experiments to determine how this unique behavior was learned.

You can read the rest if you buzz on over to "Bumblebee University." Although the video doesn't mention it, the following short video shows how the Creator designed certain flowers to respond to bumblebees.