The Carnian Pluvial Earth History Fiction

Every once in a while, the hands at the Darwin Ranch out yonder near Deception Pass like to join in the celebrations when secularists bring something out of mothballs and parade it like it was actual science. Since climate change is a big subject nowadays, the Carnian pluvial episode was promoted.

Most people are probably unaware of this story, but it involves a supposedly wet period of a million or two years in Earth history. It was in the Carnian stage of the Triassic period.

Water on rocks, Pixabay / Dominik Fuchs
When the tale is told, it is said that this period was important for the evolution of dinosaurs, mammals, and other critters. There was also a great deal of climate change (when it wasn't raining). The evidence is subjective, and once again, a desperate attempt to explain history and evolution fails in light of creation and the Genesis Flood. Lots of story, very little substance

This is leading up to a feedback article at Creation Ministries International, which provides a more detailed explanation. To see it, visit "The Carnian Pluvial Event — Did it really rain on Earth for 2 million years?"