Secularists Make Excuses for No Space Aliens

Lisa Myworries, supervisor of the Winkie Guards at the Darwin Ranch, recently mentioned having problems. Someone on the staff was selling peyote buttons to the Guards. She said it was difficult enough to keep them on task, then someone gets that stuff to them.

The ranch hands hallucinate, which explains some of their Just-So Stories in the name of evolutionary science. Space aliens are the imaginary invisible friends of secularists, and both the ranch hands and the Guards think they are talking to the aliens.

Scientists studying space alien, made with Bing AI Image Creator
It is a reasonable conclusion that materialists put so much time, money, and effort into finding extraterrestrial life is that they believe it would prove not only evolution, but also a Creator-free origin of life. Think about it: Origin of life studies are not going forward; they are disjointed. Mayhaps someone should ask Dave Farina why their is no unity and so much failure in OoL research. All that wasted education used to deny the Creator and his work. Wow.

There is no word on whether scientists who are speculating about space aliens indulge in hallucinogens, but it should be agreed that some of their schemes are truly bizarre. This is a good time to search for alien signals because we have discovered thousands of exoplanets (although they were already there before we found them). And maybe — just perhaps — aliens may soon pick up our radio and television transmissions (never mind the amount of time needed to respond if they felt like it). On the other hand, they may be far too advanced to notice us (or they feel alienated). All this stuff is based on evolutionary and deep-time presuppositions, not actual science.
I forget the origin of this statement, but it was from an evolutionist who strongly advocated the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence (SETI). Theists might be curious about the question but are not as likely to become as obsessed with it as materialists and evolutionists. And yet to this day, there is not so much as a microbe known to live on any other natural world beyond Earth. If facts matter, epistemic modesty should lead one to conclude that there is no life in outer space till proven otherwise. What drives Darwinians to keep searching against 60 years of negative evidence? Let’s probe the minds of evolutionists in recent news. Has an alien mind virus infected the true believers?

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