Wondering at Wolverines

Michigan is called the wolverine state, and unofficially the wolverine is the state animal. Strange because they never had a large population of the critters. Now they are found way up yonder in the Northern Hemisphere, including Alaska, Canada, Northern Europe, Russia, and so on.

They are endangered because of the usual problems like trapping and habitat reduction. When wolverines have the land, they are big-time travelers. If you happen to be in their area, it is best to just leave these strong and fierce animals well alone, Logan.

Basically overgrown weasels, wolverines are gorgeous but also fierce. They show how the Creator designed them to thrive in their ecological niches.
Wolverine at Glacier National Park, NPS (Public Domain, usage still does not imply endorsement)
Wolverines are in the same group as badgers (another fighter) and weasels...I rather doubt that there have been talking animal movies made where a wolverine was the hero. They are because they will fight a wolf or a bear for a kill. No known attacks on humans, though. These fierce overgrown gorgeous weasels are very intelligent as well. There are many things about wolverines that show how they were designed by the Creator to survive in their ecological niches.
Far to the north in the frozen Arctic wilderness dwells a rare and mysterious creature. Some brave souls traverse long and treacherous terrain and endure deadly cold just to catch a glimpse of the beast. Some report being filled with dread, while others recount their experience with reverential awe. Elusive, graceful, horrifying—such is the wolverine.

Imagine an animal as large as a medium-sized dog that chases bears up trees and can hold its own against a pack of wolves. It can kill prey 10 times its size and outrun, outlast, and outmaneuver most creatures it encounters. It sometimes eats every part of its prey, including bones and teeth. The mere sight of its long, curved claws and jagged teeth is enough to intimidate the most stouthearted among us.

You can read the rest or listen to the audio by my favorite reader over at "Wolverines—More Than Claws & Fury."