Studying Dead Fish for Deep Time

As discussed here several times, believers in descent with modifications evolution often conduct inefficient science. Many use the principle of Making Things Up™ and telling Just-So Stories that deceive people into thinking that they were in the presence of real science.

One wonders if sloppy science is in an effort to avoid the facts, such as the presence of soft tissues in dinosaur fossils. Those should not exist after an alleged 65 million years. Research was conducted using dead sea bass in an attempt to determine why some soft parts fossilize but not others.

Fossil sponge, Flickr / James St. John (CC BY 2.0)
Once again, secularists use bad logic by presuming evolution and deep time, then basing their research on those things. These wonder what kind of environment could cause fossilization. Biblical creationists argue that the global Genesis Flood provides those conditions, and this may be why they don't cowboy up and seriously deal with soft tissues and creation science Flood models. To read the article that inspired this post, click on "Soft Tissue Not Explained by Dead Fish Experiments."